Processing and Execution

Our Assembly and production were founded in 2010 in Coimbatore. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is the most crucial aspect of our business. What makes Cloud7interior different from other companies is the nature of our work and how we make it affordable for everyone. You deserve to know where your modular designs are coming from, and that’s why we want to be completely transparent about where our unique homes are built. So let our home interior designing factory show you what we can do for you.

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Laminate processing is a technique of manufacturing a material in multiple layers to increase the strength and durability of print materials. It is an artificial coating consisting of a four-layer including an upper protective layer, a decorative layer, a high-density base layer, and a waterproof layer. It is used to protect the plywood from smudges, stains, tears, abrasions, dirt, moisture, and other contaminants. It is the very first and most important stage where we take plywood of 18mm thickness. Then according to the client, we design and choose laminate which we paste on the core material. 

Normally, it takes 2-3 days to put plywood together, and then 4-5 days to paste the laminate on both the top and bottom side with the help of water proof glue. So the whole process will take 8-10 days. But we at Cloud7interior, use high-tech processes to lower the cost and save time. We use a hydraulic press (hot/cold) with special glue to paste laminate with the core material (plywood, MDF, HDHMR, etc.). Using the machine, the product gets ready instantly within 1-2 hours and withstands for a long time.


The truth behind all those soft and smooth designs is panel processing. Once the laminate process is over we cut the pasted plywood with the panel saw to make sure we get a clean and crisp cut without damaging the laminate edges. We use 2 blade rotation- the 1st blade cuts the laminate of 0.5 to 1mm for clean, and the 2nd blade cuts both laminate & 18mm plywood to ensure a clean cut into two halves. Panel processing is the best solution to minimize wastage and ensure zero rework which in turn saves the client’s budget.

Edge Processing is used to finish the thickness or sides of material like plywood, particleboard, and MDF. We use manual and automated edge binding machines to make sure the client gets the best finish at an economical price. For the carcass and the inner box, we use manual 0.5 to 1 mm PVC edge tape; and a manual feeding machine to make sure each and every core is pasted with hot melt glue, which will act as a sealant against water and moisture to ensure long life of the product. So, for door/shutters we outsource to the best factory that specializes in pasting 1.5 to 2 mm edge tape and use automated machines to make sure the edges are smooth and beveled (child safe) which also secure the core material and make our products crisp, flawless, and perfect for home interiors


After the product is ready, we check its quality and examine if it is ready to be assembled or not. Cloud7interior believes in providing the most reliable and durable material; hence, we use Galvanized Screw to assemble everything to prevent it from rust. Firstly, the carcass and inner box are assembled, and then the doors are placed in their desired location. This way, our workers and interior designers ensure minimum wastage of material and labor. Our every design and construction is done to provide functional, sustainable, and healthy buildings. We at cloud7interior do not just create beautiful houses, but we also manufacture safe and smooth finish modular furniture.

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Once we complete all the processes above, each and every material is quality checked. Cloud7interior designers are experts in creating more spaces and are a one-stop shop for everything from interior doors, assembled furniture, modular kitchen to interior walls, wardrobes, cabinets, or chests. If you’re ever in the Kalapatti area, we encourage you to stop by for a visit and see it for yourself.